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The Healing art of Lomi Lomi Massage

There are many different styles of massage in the Hawaiian Islands. Hawaiians valued massage as a way to relieve everyday tensions. For them it was a physical activity to relieve stress.

The goal was to "be a better person every day than you were the day before." This means working on yourself every day. For difficult times and situations, they asked for help from someone special. This could be a wise elder (Kupuna), the healer Lomi Lomi (kumu), or a Kahuna (Shaman).

Lomi Lomi massage techniques have been passed down from generation to generation, like from grandparent to grandchild. Each island, sometimes on each side of each island, even in each valley, had developed their own style. And every style was authentic.

The Hawaiians saw things as a flow of energy, following the view that an idea or belief can block the flow of energy as much as a muscle tension can. Lomi Lomi helps to release blockages while at the same time giving the flow of energy a new direction. So Lomi Lomi is not just a physical experience. A treatment on mental, emotional and spiritual levels can help. The Hawaiians considered all aspects of ourselves as one and believed that the physical, emotional and spiritual parts are all part of our "whole" self - when healing occurs on one level, all levels are affected.

The continuous dancing movements of Lomi Lomi, combined with the practitioner's breathing are also important and integral aspects of this type of massage. The reason for hula dancing around the massage table while getting a massage isn't just because it looks impressive! The movements are all important to help the flow of energy to both healer and recipient and helps keep the energy high. This combined with breathing techniques from the therapist is also important to help the energy flow. Also, the techniques under the body and the continuous movements along the whole body, help to release the energy, as the ideal pressure is used, such as the weight of the recipient's body, relaxing it and promoting the free and abundant flow of vital energy.

In the Hula schools where many of the Lomi Lomi techniques are inspired there is a saying: "All knowledge is not taught in one school". Students, it is good to focus on their own (life) lessons and not judge other schools with different (life) lessons, even if the education in them may be very different. We often learn the most from what we don't like. In those moments we know our true self, our own standards and our values.

From historical research they have discovered that the Hawaiians had schools where they taught the art of healing Lomi Lomi in temples and the period for learning this art could be up to 20 years.

They learned to master their body, mind and emotions and then focused on the art of Lomi Lomi. This style was called "Nui" (monastic). It took total dedication to be fully present throughout the treatment, while the treatment lasted until all tensions were removed from the body and mind. Sometimes the treatment lasted for hours or even days in a row.. . All of this was helping to unlock a healing energy of unlimited power that exists within us.

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