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On site seated massage 

On site seated massage allows one to enjoy the beneficial benefits of a professional massage in a short time (15 minutes) while dressed. The points where it is applied are mainly the shoulders, neck, head, back and arms. It consists of a well-structured series of massage techniques (massages, meridian pressures, stretching, etc.)

Benefits of sitting massage:

  • Reduces stress and fatigue

  • Relieves muscle pain

  • Increases energy and alertness

  • Reduces stress

  • Gives spiritual clarity and well-being

As a technique it has its roots in ancient Japan and in the traditional AMMA massage, but its current form is due to David Palmer who was a professor of massage at The Amma Institute of Traditional Japanese Massage, San Francisco. It aimed to make the massage more accessible and easily accessible to the world. In the early 80's he was inspired to design the first chair of on-site massage and to promote massage in the offices of multinational companies, such as Apple Computer and Pacific Bell.

On-site massage is used in many countries around the world, in companies, conference centers, shopping malls, for advertising promotions, etc. It is also a valuable client expansion tool for any massage therapist,

Why you should have a good knowledge of on-site seated massage.

Sitting massage (when you become skilled) is one of the best promotion methods for success in the development of a massage business. The main reason for this is that it relieves the customer from the "risk of bad choice", ie in the language of marketing "risk reversal".

A potential client for massage sessions usually takes some risks that may prevent him / her from finally coming to our office. She risks 1) Going alone, taking off her clothes and lying on the massage bed (covered with a towel) in a dimly lit room with someone (therapist) she does not know. 2) Not to know if the therapist is good at his job or if he can meet her needs. 3) Usually dedicate an hour of her precious time. 4) To spend about 20 to 100 euros for an hour of massage, a large investment of money, time and energy.

Unlike sitting massage 1) She does not take off her clothes 2) You are usually in a public place where she feels more comfortable to receive a massage from a therapist of the opposite sex and to meet him for the first time safely. 3) Dedicates a short period of time, about 15 minutes. This way he can get in touch with the therapist and try his hand at investing more time and money (for this reason the therapist must have a thorough training in this technique). 4) It costs about 5-10 euros depending on the duration or it is free if you do it for advertising purposes with a sponsor.

Our business advertising, whether individual or not, usually costs money and time to get results. With seated massage on-site seated massage, you are actually PAID to advertise yourself and inform the public about your art. In this way, the client tries the "product" (sitting massage) before committing to buy an hour-long massage in bed, and in addition pays for the test. For this reason, if the therapist has good training, professional presence and sensitive behavior, sitting massage is a great professional tool. In the massage sitting seminar with the speaker Savvas Xenos, you will be trained in the method developed by David Palmer, which is the most functional and popular in the world.  

Participation 100 euros.

More information at 6974373073

Seminar Lecturer: Savvas Xenos, trained in Seated Massage by David Palmer and certified by the Touch Pro Institute

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