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The companies "Massage Therapist" and "Back Pro Massage" were founded in January 2022 and January 2002, respectively. Their main purpose is massage services   as well as educational seminars in various massage techniques. In addition to our original location in Alimos, we now have a second location in the Hilton area.

Some of the companies we have offered massage services are:

Cosmote, Wind, Vodafone, Unilever, EVZIN, Holmes Place Health Clubs, Janseen – Cilag, Organizing Committee of the 2004 Olympic Games, Cisco Hellas, Kraft Foods, Eurogreta, The PR Team, OLKI, Alcatel, Chapter Five, ORIGIN, BEIERSDORF HELLAS , Optimum Destination & Event Management.


Also, our staff consists of competent, experienced and well-trained therapists.

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Savvas Xenos
(New York State Licensed Massage Therapist)


Born in Athens and after high school he studied and worked in America. A graduate of the Swedish Institute, College of Health Science with a degree in "Massage Therapy Diploma", 1990. Holder of a license to practice the profession of Massage Therapist in New York State , 1991. Graduate of the Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY (Bachelor of Engineering), 1988.


Professional experience

Massage Therapist and Spa Therapist in various New York Spas from 1990-1998, some of which were: Carapan Urban Spa (1991-1998), Aveda Institute (1995-1998), Equinox Wellness Center (1993- 1995), New York Health & Racquet Club (1990-1992).
In 1998 he moved to Athens where he worked as a hand massage therapist at: Cocoon Urban Spa, Chalandri (2001-2002) an
d Empire Health Cub, Glyfada (1999-2001)
He has taught various massage techniques from time to time in the following schools: Medstudies Educational Club Xini (2000-2007), IEK Akmi (2007 to present), Diodos (1999-2000), Medicum College (2000-2001), European School of Shiatsu (2001- 2003), Natural Health Science (1999-2000 and 2009 - 2018).
Has trained staff at Spa staff, such as: Holmes Place Spa (Maroussi), Neptune Hotels Resort (Kos)
He is pleased to be the first to present and teach in Greece the following methods:

On-site massage, Natural Health Science (1999)

Neuromuscular massage (NMT), Cidesco Hellas Festival (2000) and Diodos (2000).

Trager, Diode (2000).

Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage, IEK Akmi (2007) and presentation at the Cidesco International Conference (2007).

He is the founder of the company Back Pro Massage with the object of providing training seminars in various types of massage as well as the provision of On-Site Seated massage services in the workplace, from 2002 until today.

He worked as a director (Spa Manager) and consultant in the organization and operation of the Holmes Place Spa in Maroussi, from 2001 to 2004.

In addition to teaching, he also offers individual sessions in his workshop in Alimos.


He has been trained and certified in America in various massage and bodywork methods by internationally renowned teachers, two of whom are the inventors of these teaching methods, such as: Paul St. John - Saint John Pain Relief Institute, FL. Training in Neuromuscular Massage - NMT (Neuromuscular Therapy), and David Palmer - Touchpro Institute, CA. On-Site seated massage training
He has also attended and completed postgraduate programs in the following techniques:
Aromatherapy - AVEDA Institute, NY

Trager Psychophysical Integration (Advanced level) - The Trager Inst. CA.

Sports Massage, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy - Chicago School of MT

Foot Reflexology - Laura Norman School of Reflexology, N.Y.

Muscular Therapy Ben Benjamin Advanced Training - Muscular Therapy Inst. MA.

Hawaiian Massage Lomi Lomi - Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage Advanced Training, CA.

Myofascial Release (Myofascial Release) - John Barnes Myofascial Release Treatment Centers & Seminars.

Personal interests

Tai Chi Chuan, Iyengar Yoga, Psychology, Walking in nature.

He believes that training in different and interesting therapeutic methods and approaches, by certified and experienced teachers, offers the student-therapist, additional tools and flexibility so that he can meet the different needs of clients with efficiency and confidence while at the same time enjoying his task .


Swedish Massage
(Swedish Massage - Relaxing), Lomi Lomi massage, Trigger Points massage, Lymphatic Massage, Cellulite Massage, Rejuvance (special facial massage) the so-called "Natural lifting"

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