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Trigger Points Massage

One of the most useful massage techniques for chronic pain. Especially the way Paul Saint John taught her (NMT method).

The Trigger Point (TP) is a very localized and hypersensitive point within a tense bundle of muscle fibers. Trigger Points are probably the most common cause of musculoskeletal pain, about 75% of cases (Travell and Simons 1999).


Trigger Points cause pain in specific areas or "refers" it to another area of the body. Each Trigger Point presents a specific pain reflection pattern called a "Referral Pattern" which is specific to each muscle. In about 74% of cases, Trigger Points are in a different area from where the pain symptoms are. This means that if we work only where there is pain it is possible that we do not have the desired result. This makes Trigger Points Maps very useful, especially for new therapists. In the intensive seminar of Trigger Points (TP), we learn how to work and turn off the TPs that we encounter most often throughout the body.

Reservations: 6974373073

Rapporteur: Savvas Xenos

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