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Lomi Lomi (Hawaiian Massage)

Lomi Lomi is an ancient massage method that originated in the Hawaiian Islands and was passed down from generation to generation in secret by shamanic healers called Kahunas, to those who had talent and discipline in the healing art of massage.

Some of the features of this method are that the masseur makes extensive use of the forearms as well as the palms and fingers and occasionally works under the client's body using gravity. It includes long continuous movements with fluidity, which give the feeling of many hands along the body.

According to the Hawaiian philosophy called Huna, everything in the universe seeks Harmony and Love, and this is what the masseur tries to convey to the receiver during the massage, using intuition and intention outside the technique.

Some of the benefits of massage are that it has beneficial effects on the muscular, circulatory, lymphatic, immune and nervous systems. But its effect does not stop at the physical level. Every human being has four levels of existence, the physical, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual. When treatment occurs at one of these levels, then the rest are supplemented and balanced.

Old experiences, patterns and beliefs are recorded and stored in the cells of our body and can block the flow of energy. The long, rhythmic, sweeping movements of the Lomi Lomi that resemble the waves of the ocean, cleanse and remove tensions from the body "unblock" leaving the receiver and donor refreshed.

Another feature of this massage is that two or more parts of the body are "worked" at the same time. This helps the mind to relax because it is difficult to concentrate in two places at the same time, resulting in abandoning any effort, "closing the switch" and surrendering. This is why this massage is done by two people, because it is even harder for the brain to concentrate on four hands at the same time .. It is no coincidence that in America you consider the "Rolls Royce" of massage and is one of greater in demand massage at SPAs.

Complete training in Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage includes the basic and advanced level:

The basic series of Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage movements that can cover at least one hour of the session.

Lomi Lomi "signature" movements that can inspire you and enrich any other type of massage.

Proper posture and movement of the body (body mechanics) to be more effective without much effort.

Preparation exercises to be as fit as possible before starting a Lomi Lomi session.

Theory of Lomi Lomi and the Philosophy of Kahuna.

Advanced techniques Lomi Lomi

Improvement and accurate implementation of the basic series of movements.

Tandem work, Lomi Lomi in sync with 4 hands (the ultimate 4 hands massage)

Exercises for the best care of our body .

Upon completion of this seminar, you will receive a Certificate of Attedance at "Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage"

Participation cost: 300 euros. Special price if you attend the seminar with someone you know.

Register your participation at 6974373073 Savvas Xenos.

When a group is completed, those who have registered will be notified for a deposit of 50 euros, in order to close the position. In case some of them are not able to attend this seminar for some reason, the deposit can be used in another of the following seminars.

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