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'Massage Therapist" - Back Pro Massage operates in 3 areas:

1. Offers services of various types of massage in a warm and specially designed area in Alimos and soon in the Hilton area.

2. Offers sitting massage services on site seated massage in workplaces, companies, events, conferences, Olympic Games etc. You also offer the sitting massage in our space in Alimos. Some of the companies we have offered on site massage services are: Cosmote, WIND, Vodafone, Unilever, EVZIN, Holmes Place Health Clubs, Janseen - Cilag, Organizing Committee of the 2004 Olympic Games, Cisco Hellas, Kraft Foods, Eurogreta, The PR Team, ΟΛΚΗ, Alcatel, Chapter Five, ΟΡΙΤΖΙΝΑ, BEIERSDORF HELLAS, Optimum Destination & Event Management.

3. Offers training seminars in various types of massage through our company Back Pro Massage, or in private lessons as well as trains staff in SPA.

Massage as a therapeutic art, requires good education and experience of the therapist, but in order to be truly effective, it also requires dedication, love and intention in achieving the maximum good for the client.
By training in different massage methods, one learns new and different ways to help one's clients.
This gives him the flexibility to find the right treatment method that will suit the specific client for the specific case.
Usually the combination of different techniques can be greater
effectiveness in achieving the goal.
Last but not least, the Massage Therapist must be comfortable with the techniques he uses and have enthusiasm and joy for his work so that he can give his best and have a long and successful career.

Massage modalities: we use the following techniques, either individually or in combination, depending on the needs of each client

Swedish or classic massage:


The most well-known and widespread type of massage in the world, includes gentle massage and stretching manipulations. Suitable for general relaxation, stress relief, headaches, mood improvement.


Aromatherapy Massage:


It combines the healing properties of massage with those of essential oils. Essential oils have the ability to penetrate and penetrate into our circulatory system quickly, from where they are transported throughout the body. They can be used in any type of massage to enhance the effectiveness of the treatment. At Back Pro Massage we use first quality certified essential oils, Jojoba vegetable oils and almond oil. For those who do not want oils on their body, we use creams 100% vegetable without paraffin oils, enriched with arnica, also ideal for deep massage and relief of muscle pain.




Foot Reflexology:


I. erapeftiki method exerted on the soles of the feet mostly. It is based on the theory that there are reflex points on the soles and palms that correspond to each organ and part of the body. With special manipulations and pressures we can release the healing forces of the body, bringing relaxation and balance to the body.






Trager Bodywork, Trager Psychophysical Integration, was named after the founder of Milton Trager (1908-1997) who started developing this method when he was only 18 years old and while he was also suffering from chronic back disease ( spondylolisthesis)

According to the Trager method, chronic pain and musculoskeletal disorders are symptoms of accumulated tension that can result from an accident, incorrect posture, phobia, emotional blockage and daily stress.

In a 60-90 minute Trager session, the client is lying on a comfortable massage bed, wearing comfortable clothes or underwear or a swimsuit. The therapist, with gentle manipulations, mobilizations in the joints and rhythmic shakes conveys a feeling of calm and comfort throughout the body.

After a period of continuous rhythmic movements, the body enters deeper levels of relaxation in which it can be facilitated to release deeply rooted unhealthy patterns of tension by affecting the subconscious. In this way, the mind "learns" these unhealthy patterns (blockages) with the result that the body is also freed from chronic situations of tension and becomes more flexible with less pain.




Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT):


NMT is a type of analgesic massage, which using eastern and western approaches in its style, acts analgesically on any pain in the body or achieves its "alignment" (correct posture), while strengthening the muscles.

Neuromuscular massage is very effective in treating and relieving musculoskeletal pain, such as sciatica, back pain, scoliosis, cervical syndrome, headaches, tendonitis, etc. Relieves the body from trigger points that create reflex pain, restores normal posture, elasticity and flexibility in the muscles and joints.




Sports Massage:


It is a type of massage that is addressed to people who are engaged in sports or gymnastics professionally or not. This includes athletes or dancers to people who do sedentary work but exercise and want to maintain a healthy body.

It focuses on evaluating and dealing with the most common problems that arise from exercise as well as helps maintain and prepare the body to perform to the maximum when needed.




Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage (Hawaiian Massage)


Lomi Lomi means "massage" in Hawaiian and is a holistic healing method with thousands of years of history. It was originally practiced and taught by Shamans - healers called Kahunas, in Hawaiian temples (temple style Lomi Lomi). Metaphorically Lomi Lomi means "return to the source", it helps us remember our true nature and the purpose we are here.

The Hawaiian Islands are the most isolated chain of islands on the planet. As a result, residents are completely dependent on existing resources that have direct access. They are humble and full of respect for the gifts that nature has given them. Everything is treated as if it has its own spirit and divine nature, from birds to people, flowers and trees, the waters of rivers and the sea. This spirit of acceptance, respect and appreciation is called "Aloha". For example, for each flower that someone cuts to make a wreath, they must ask the flower for permission, explaining for what purpose it will be used, complimenting it on its beauty and finally offering it a gift in return. Usually by watering it or leaving another gift of respect for the planet.

Havans perceive health as a flow of energy in the body. When there is an interruption and you block the natural flow of energy in the body, diseases and health problems arise. Flow blockage can be caused by natural causes e.g. muscle spasm or injury as well as emotional or psychological causes e.g. deep-rooted perceptions or negative thoughts. These can "hold" us back and prevent us from living a comfortable and harmonious life with all our potential. Lomi Lomi Therapist uses intuitive movement, breathing, rhythm, focused intention and love to activate the body and bring deep changes and balance to the recipient. The hands function as an extension of the heart ("loving hands" massage is another name for Lomi Lomi) and this may make it effective in affecting the patient mentally and spiritually.

The Lomi Lomi as practiced by the Kahunas had such transformative and radical effects that they also used it as a means of initiation and rituals to help people in transition, such as adolescence, adulthood, marriage, feel complete and ready for make decisions with a clear mind about what they want to do with their lives. These treatments could last for hours or even days with the participation of several therapists at the same time.

In general, it is one of the richest in movements and massage techniques without straining the hands as the puffiness is widely used together with the palms and fingers as a tool to protect the wrists.

The training to become a Lomi Lomi healer took years. The new student was not allowed to work with clients for at least three years, until his training was completed and according to his abilities and perception. For the first three years the student simply observed the experienced healers (Kahunas) at work, without being allowed to ask questions. He learned by seeing, hearing and feeling with all his senses.

Part of the training included martial arts, meditation (prayer), yoga, energy exercises (chi kung), breathing exercises, dance (Hula). All this cultivates the energy and physical condition of the therapist to protect him but also to make his work more effective.


Another key element of the training was the therapist applying the principles of the "Huna" philosophy.




The “Huna” Philosophy


Huna means "Secret" or "Secret Wisdom".

Kahuna (Shaman therapist who uses the Huna philosophy) we can say, is the one who "possesses and guards the Secret".

If we divide the word Huna into syllables, Hu means masculine or dynamic energy and Na means feminine or passive energy. If we connect them with its original interpretation, Huna is the continuous interaction of male and female energy which, guided by thought, create experiences.

Huna philosophy is based on seven simple but very important principles, which can have different interpretations each, depending on the way of thinking and the occasion. It is "realistic" and "comprehensive", it does not exclude other philosophies or religions, but you can apply it in addition to another system.


The seven principles are:


1. ike: the world is what you think it is


2. kala: ... there are no limits ...


3. makia: ... energy flows where you focus your attention ...


4. manawa: ... now is the moment of power ...


5. aloha: ... to love is to be happy ...


6. mana: ... all power comes from within us ...


7. pono: ... efficiency is the measurement of truth ...




On-site seated massage:

Sitting massage allows one to enjoy the beneficial benefits of a professional massage in a short time (15 minutes) while dressed. The points where it is applied are mainly the shoulders, neck, head, back and arms. It consists of a well-structured series of massage techniques (massages, meridian pressures, stretching, etc.)

Benefits of sitting massage:

  • Reduces stress and fatigue

  • Relieves muscle pain

  • Increases energy and alertness

  • Reduces stress

  • Gives spiritual clarity and well-being


On-site massage is used in many countries around the world, in companies, conference centers, shopping malls, for advertising promotions, etc.




Rejuvance (The Natural Lifting of the face)


The massage that renews the face

What is Rejuvance?

Rejuvance, which is interpreted as rejuvenation, is a facial massage technique that rejuvenates and softens the face, while at the same time deeply relaxing the body and mind. It aims to remove from the skin and the muscles of the face the accumulated tension but also the negative emotions that are attributed to wrinkles and imbalance of the face. Also, through this massage, an effort is made to achieve a symmetry in the face as, as we know, the two sides are dissimilar.


How is it applied?

Rejuvance massage consists of a series of 6 sessions, which differ in some points from one session to another but have the common goal of freeing the muscles and connective tissue from the "blockages" that are often caused in the face due to muscle contractions ( laughter, anger, sadness) but also in the connective tissue. Through the specific movements applied by the specialist, the muscles "relax" and the face seems to look calmer and smoother.

In addition to the cycle of sessions, it can be applied individually as a special facial treatment or for reasons of immediate relaxation and rejuvenation.


What exactly is he doing?

Rejuvance is a technique applied to the face, but its effects are not only local. As the meridians (energy channels) of the body pass through the facial area, the method affects the whole body. Relieves headaches and migraines, as it releases muscle tension in the occiput and neck. It facilitates breathing and alleviates the problem of night teeth grinding, as it stimulates the chewing muscles. It calms the nervous system and gives a feeling of deep relaxation. After a rejuvance session you feel a feeling of well-being, calm, rest, as if you have woken up from long hours of sleep

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